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Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre és 1000FT kedvezményt kapsz, melyet bármelyik kezelésnél beválthatsz egy alkalommal.

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These herbal capsules are used Worldwide in the medicinal and cosmetic fields for treatments. It works well for treating neurological, dermatological, rheumatologic problems, can be used for weight loss with minimal impact on the diet. It has amazing ability to detox the body; it’s capable of raising the temperate inside the body to 80 degree. The Alphaled Oxy2 massage treatment, the patients can lose significant weight (4-12 kg per treatment). It’s clinically proven that the machine is able to achieve the following results: by using the Alpha LED Oxy for 35-40 minutes a day on high intensity, the calorie intake increased by 33% from 2218kcal to 3042 kcal and was able to burn 824 kcal per day. But the machine is beneficial for lot more.
With the aid of the ion, light, oxygen and aroma therapy blend can help increase the cells’ oxygen supply, the body’s resistance against illnesses, reduce the depression and this oxygen bath will transform the body, help slow down the skin’s aging process, while a new skin layer will form. All in all, the Alphaled Oxy is not only beneficial for your skin and weight loss, it’s valuable for your entire body.
The sensor operated machine will create an artificial, ionised deep heat therapy environment, and complimenting this with the sound, light and aromatherapies and vibration massage, this is form a special Alpha relaxation treatment. The body and face will go through a wonderful oxygen bath; the machine’s 5 litre tank generates the medical grade oxygen. The light therapy is known Worldwide, lot of people are using the medicinal lamps to treat different conditions. The machine at Beauty & Balance Studio is working with a 1080 piece LED light head, which is able to penetrate the entire body (1-8 mm deep) and provide light and colour therapy.

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