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 Body wrap 

The body wrap will help you resolve the problems with your figure, it will break down the built up fat, help you lose dress sizes and it will make your skin tight and younger looking, will get rid of the cellulites. We will apply a nutrition rich cream for the treatment area by massaging it, and then we will wrap it around with foil to create an airtight environment. We will leave it warm for 20-40 minutes and the treatment will finish.

Cellulites are not only a problem in the cosmetics industry. If the fat cells build up in high numbers, they can put pressure to the surrounding nerves and micro blood vessels. The massage movements can be unpleasant for people suffering with cellulites, the cellulites tissues are lacking oxygen, which will result in decreased metabolism and build-up of toxins. These toxin build-up fat cells can create pressure on the blood vessels and on the lymph channels. This will depress the area and could become painful when pressure applied. We recommend the body wrap to the people with the above problems. This treatment is very similar to the lymph massage; the liquids in the tissues will be transported into the lymph system.

It’s recommended to have 10 sessions, then reminder sessions weekly. For the successful treatment it’s essential to drink plenty of water (still mineral water) and can be beneficial to use infra sauna / or sessions with our Alpha LED Oxy Spa treatment.

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