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Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre és 1000FT kedvezményt kapsz, melyet bármelyik kezelésnél beválthatsz egy alkalommal.

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The ultrasonic cavitation is one of the newest and most efficient medical - cosmetic methods. The cavitation fat destruction is a non-invasive treatment, by using this method; the fat cells in the treatment area will receive ultrasound waves which will generate micro bubbles inside them. As the liquid will go through them in different stages, the fat cells will grow and shrink, and at the final stage they will burst, letting the water and liquid fat out into the lymph circulation. This method is directly damaging the fat cells even in the deeper tissues. The purpose of cavitation is not to empty the fat stores, the target is to destroy the fat cells permanently. During the process, the broken up fat cells will leave the body through the natural paths, through the lymph circulation. The therapy is pain free; you can achieve outstanding results if used as a course of treatments. On average 1 session can result in 1-2 dress size drops on the treatment area.

To whom we recommend the treatment?

The cavitation fat destruction is increasing the body’s ability to break down the fat on the problematic areas.

Due to the nature of cavitation, it has a selective effect, ruthless to the under skin fat, while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched. The cavitation fat destruction is an intensive method for the problematic areas on the body (where the diet or exercise don’t help), targeting these which were unsuccessfully treated with the traditional ways and means.

The cavitation fat destruction method is designed for people who are mildly overweight or overweight and would like to get rid of the unwanted localised fat layers.

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