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Hírlevél feliratkozás

Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre és 1000FT kedvezményt kapsz, melyet bármelyik kezelésnél beválthatsz egy alkalommal.

Ide kattintva iratkozhat fel.


This is one of the most popular body contours shaping machine on the market, which can give a reduction of size of 3-7 cm after 4-6 treatment.

Suitable for successful treatment for:
Reducing dress size
Reducing cellulites and stretch marks
Body contour shaping
Lymph massage, detox
Improving the circulation and micro circulation
Improving skin texture
Making skin look younger and tightening skin
For cramps, and muscle pain

4 market leading technology in one high performance machine:

1. Radiofrequency
2. Pulsation vacuum technology
3. Cylindrical rolling massage
4. Infrared  light therapy

Breaking down fat with radiofrequency and its effect to the body contour and dress size:
The radiofrequency energy created between the bipolar rollers can penetrate 5-15 mm deep range in the skin. Close to the skin surface the temperate can reach 40-42°C and alongside this the temperature can be 60°C in the subcutis. Due to the deep hyper thermation, the oxygen will fall apart, the metabolic function will be better by 5 times, and the liposise will start. As the number and size of the fat cell will reduce,   this will result in reduction of dress size.

Pulsation vacuum technology and treating cellulites:
With the aid of the pulsation vacuum, the size of the fat cells shrink, and the pressure on capillaries and lymph vessels will stop. The micro circulation and lymph flow will start off again, the intercellular metabolism recover, which will start the process of break down cellulites and detox the body. The pulsation vacuum with the help of the other energies will help to break up and shake up the set fat structures.

Lymph massage, detox:
The motor operated rollers, the effect of the pulsation vacuum and the massage created by the movement of the treatment head will improve the micro circulation and intensity of the lymph circulation. These will help to remove the build up of the toxins as well as the broken down intercellular fat (RF effect).

Skin rejuvenations, tightness, and oxygenation:
The treatment head will give off infrared head into the dermis, and it will activate the fibroblasts, and due to this, a long term collagen and soft tissue reconstruction process will commence.
The treatment is improving the tightness of the skin; help the mechanical features of the connective tissues and to maintain the long term results of the fight against of cellulites. An advantage of the infra red light is that it will help to improve the cells’ bio-chemical activities, and due to the powerful oxygenation the skin structure will look and be younger.

The secret behind the results never seen before is due to the simultaneous use of the 4 components, which will help to rework the skin and connective tissues from the skin surface to 15 mm depth into the fat tissue. The radiofrequency, infrared light energy and the strength of vacuum are joined together in the treatment heads (small and big size) and can be set easily to meet the individual needs of the patient.


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