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Face Vela Shape therapy
Partially radio frequency treatment, which wakes up the collagen and fibroblast cells (these cells are responsible for the tightness of the skin) Complimenting the radio frequency, the pulsation vacuum start up the micro circulation and detox of the body, improve the metabolism between the cells. The infrared laser improves the bio-chemic activity of the cells, and due to the strong oxygenation, the skin will be revitalised and younger looking, improving the skin structure. One more very important factor is that you can feel the result permanently! Of course the mechanism and technology of this treatment is more complicated, but the important thing is, that this is a face reform with a leading technology! After the therapy, the skin will regain the flexibility, it will be stretchier, the deepness of the wrinkles will decrease, and the starting wrinkles will disappear.

The VelaShape won the FDA American certificate in 2007 as it’s so effective. As a blend of multiple therapies, it’s capable of achieve results in rejuvenation. Vacuum, radiofrequency and infrared therapies all in one. The facial skin will regain the youth state, and you could even look 10 years younger. You can feel the result after one treatment, but the most effective if used as a course of treatment, and to support this, we offer you a 3 occasion treatment.
Excluding factors:
Tumours, pacemaker, pregnancy

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