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If you would like a non surgical way to get rid of your wrinkles and burn the fat, if you are scared of the needles or doesn’t want to go under the knife and face with the possible consequences of bleeding, scaring, the best treatment is mesotherapy for you.
Schedule of the treatment:
During the mesotherapy, you will receive a personalised “cocktail”which is created from sterile ingredients, and these will have the optimum concentration of active anti aging agent. This will help the regeneration. The concentrated mixture will be applied directly to the affected areas and it will penetrate the deeper skin tissues, deep down to the subcutis either we are talking about fighting wrinkles or cellulites. During the therapy, we are using hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamin complexes, which will adminitster them into the epidermis and dermis. This will hydrate the skin deeply to the maximum level, and it will make the wrinkles smoother, as wrinkles were caused by dehydration. This treatment will make the skin tighter; the collagen and elastin levels will increase. The antioxidants will slow down the aging process. The skin become softer, healthier, smoother and radiant, the wrinkles will fade. You can achieve great results in the areas: face, neck, cleavage and back of hand. You can see the result right after the first treatment. During the body treatments, we apply active agents which will revitalise the circulation system and also it will help the break down the fat in the subcutis. The therapy will help restore the original conditions of the skin tissues, they won’t be soggy anymore, and it has a good result in fighting the strechmarks, will reduce the redness
Our cocktail will open up the membranes on the fat cells, and penetrate them. Once they reached the membranes, the cocktail can effectively fight against cellulites and be able loose the fat where it’s impossible to lose them. As it’s so effective, often it can replace liposuction. This treatment won’t reduce the number of fat cells, it reduces the size of these cells, and enabling the body to put a stop to putting on more weight, the skin will became smooth, and the blemishes will disappear.
Good results achievable: stretch marks (pregnancy stretch marks), local cushions of fat, cellulites, saggy skin, flabby skin.

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