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SHR hair removal

808nm2 SHR diode laser hair removal machine, the newest hi-tech technology machine from 2014 arrived to our salon!

The SHR hair removal combines the benefits of the laser and IPL, it has fewer side effects and you can avoid the annoyance. This new machine is operating with a 808 nm laser wavelength which will destroy the hair-follicles pain free by damaging the pigments in the skin. This laser treatment will only get rid of the hairs which are in the active growing stage (anagen stage). This is the reason why multiple treatments are essential. The laser hair removal has huge advantages, it can be used safely achieving great results on darker skins and usable during the winter months as well as during the summer, when the skin is tanned, after solarium. The patients can see significant improvement on the treatment area, the thickness and number of the hairs will reduce, but the best result can be achieved after 6-8 occasions. The laser hair removal is the most effective on people with black hair.
The non pigmented hairs (grey, blond or red) are only able to pick up small amount of energy, and there isn’t guarantee that it will be sufficient to destroy the hair-follicles.
We won’t recommend the treatment if you are under 18, if the week before the treatment you have been sunbathing, or went to the solarium, 2-3 weeks prior you waxed, used epilator or tweezers. We also do not recommend the treatment if there is tattoo, open wound or injuries on the treatment area, No recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

IF you have the following illnesses we won’t recommend the laser hair removal: hypertension, diabetes, fevers, epilepsy, during chemotherapy, hearth diseases,  acute skin problems or herpes, auto-immune diseases, hyper photosensitivity, sun allergy or if you are taking medications which cause photosensitivity.

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