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Thread veins or Spider veins

Thread veins is a skin condition which affects more and more people, man and woman equally. With the development of the modern technology, the treatment for this is accessible in Hungary with a unique RBS-C machine; you can experience the result just after 1 therapy.
There are number of reason why the thread veins will develop, reasons can be, the strain and weight on our legs (even due to pregnancy), thickness of the skin, taking contraceptive pill, consistency of the fat under the skin, circulation problems and often genetic problems. When the lymphic circulation is not satisfactory in the veins, they can dilate, and this will be visible on the surface of the skin.

Main affected areas are the thighs and lower leg. It can appear like a spider web, purple-blue coloured; often they call it spider veins.
This uncomfortable skin condition causes problem for lots of people, manifesting as an esthetical problem. With the newest RBS-C machine the problem can be cured and you can just forget about the uncomfortable feeling when wearing shorts or skirt before. After the treatment, you won’t be conscious about your legs, you can forget about the long trousers, skirts, tights and you can proudly show your figure, immaculate legs. This will put an end to the feelings that everybody is looking at your veiny legs, it’s time for the compliments. The treatment results are spectacular, 45 hours after the first occasion, you can achieve permanent results without further therapy.

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